Surat #196 Are (3)

Teruntuk: Are

Hai, Are, apa kabar? Mungkin lo nggak tau gue siapa. Ya, memang karena kita nggak pernah chat.

Gue user berprofile yang cuma bisa liat comment lo di beberapa post tanpa menyapa. Gue cuma bisa liat lo berbalas comment dengan user lain. Gue cuma bisa liat post lo tanpa ikut comment. Gue cuma bisa denger vn lo di post orang lain. Ha-ha. Kayak stalker, ya? Continue reading

Surat #194 Yours (2)

Teruntuk: Yours
Hey, yours. I write this letter for you, so stop asking me to write a letter for you. Are you happy now? ? We’ve been talking to each other for a pretty long time. Do you realize that? Yeah, a month (or is it more?) is somewhat long for that kind of app. I remember the first time I chat you, we were talking about the nightmare, and I said “I actually don’t have any problem if you were my nightmare tonight, at least I can dream about you.”

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