Surat #1298 Pluvi

Teruntuk: Pluvi

Hello! Thanks for your letter you sent me the other day.

First thing first, I want to thank you for so many things you have done for me. The poems, the letters, the songs you sang me, and of course, the birthday cake! I still remember right. You’re really kind and sweet. Thanks so much.

And also, I am sorry.

Sorry for so many things that I can’t say here. But, I think you already know what I’m really sorry for.

And, hey, I want to say, do what yourself wants you to do. Don’t let anyone else be in control. It’s your life that you’re living, not somebody else’s. You deserve to be happy, all right?

Good luck for your study, I wish you all the best!

Please take care of your health.

And do not stop writing.

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