Surat #773 Dear Golóve

For: Dear Golóve

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Hi there.

How are you?
I wrote this letter because i actually still feel bad about what happened between us months ago. First of all, you’re a really kind, funny, warm-hearted person and very friendly I’ve ever known.

You treat people as they treat you. I saw your funny yet well-spoken comments in many posts, (your white piaggio and curly hair attracted me first tho) and thats the time I realized I wanted to be one of your friend, and learn how to be really kind and friendly to everyone. We’ve chat months ago and I still remember how welcome you were to me. I remember, how you always go to your everyday-coffee shop every night, drank a cup or two and sometimes learned how to do the crème art then showed it to me. I felt so happy when someone shares their daily activities to me.

I also remember, how you sleep so late and wake up so late either until you skipped class one or two, yep golove typical. Then someday, me, as an anon, with my curiousity to know and meet those fun unique and amazing users on Saya, asked how were they in real life, then again, you’re being nice to tell me how nice some of them in real life and you guys accepted everyone become a new friend. My curiousity has increased since there’s this break-fasting event on pin post at timeline. You told me I can come and participate, since you were one of the usher there, haha! you would introduce me to them and i dont know why i was so excited to come to the event.

When the day came, I was super excited to meet you and lots of amazing SayaApp users there, (then we moved to Line for a fast respond chat since you’re being busy there) when I arrived, you’re being nice, again, for pickin me up in front of the venue, with your white koko shirt, white peci, and your curly hair. Tbh, i did scream in my heart cause I was thaaaat happy to meet you and it was happening HEHE.

At first, I just wanted to meet and talk to you, but you asked me to join the event (my bad for ignoring it once yesterday since I’m nobody and I dont know everyone at all except you there) but finally, I joined. It was fun, really. I couldn’t stop smiling when you introduced me to Basir (took a pic with you and him too), Dulce, Dadank, Selebhoomn, the girl with white skin and brown or black hair i forgot she was so fun i forgot her name, even it was just a hand-shake.  

“Halo temennya golove” ,”wih golop bawa cewe”, “hai temennya golooove”. Really. When i got inside, and the time for breakfasting came, I sat down and ate with Bunga, Gemini, and the other woman i forgot her usern. They were soooo welcome and nice like “eh temennya golop yaa? Sini2 makan bareeng” omg. Then i went home. Thanks for the wonderful meeting, Love. It was one of the best days in my life.

Then this part..
You said thankyou at 23.xx for today and stuff and I’m glad. The next day, I chat you, I dont know why, you didn’t reply my chat. Then I realized, you blocked me. Tbh, I was shocked. What did I do?
Then I chat you on Saya, and I was so confused, pissed off, and disappointed at the same time about what you said. You blocked me because “your hts” didn’t like me for chattin you. Like, what the? I hope and I’m sure you know the rest…
When that thing happened, I was shocked, and pissed until uninstalled Saya app at the moment.
I just downloaded the app by the end of September, scrolling timeline, then I found your comment. Again, being friendly. I suddenly remembered our ‘tragedy’, lol. I thought it wasn’t cleared. Yet.

So, Golove. Since Saya App is about to shut down, I just want to make it clear because I really think this thing should be cleared up. Love, at the moment I met you on Saya Chat, on Line chat, until we Met in Real Life, I don’t have feelings for you, more than friend. S2G,it was pure for wanted to be your friend, being nice & kind. I didn’t even trying to approach you far enough, didn’t know you already have “a girl” since we havent talked a lot. I didn’t even want to do those negative things I know I can’t do.


Golove, I am so sorry, I apologize to you, for being so annoying, so sudden to came to you, remembering how stupid and childish I was reacting to your respond when we argued. But honestly, I still don’t understand why you let “your hts” blocked me, since I didn’t do anything dangerous (like flirting) to you. I remembered our chat was casual, nothing flirty. But, it’s okay you don’t have to answer it, I understand you have your own reason and privacy, back to my purpose to make this thing clear.

I really really hope, you read the whole letter, understand it, would accept my apology, and (maybe, if you want to) start to build a new friendship, again, someday. Only if you want to. If not, I am not gonna force you. Hehehehe.

In the end, I am glad I have said what I have to say. Thank you for telling me that a truly humble and friendly person is still exist today. Thank you for reading this letter. I would feel honoured if you want to send a reply ya Love. Please always be Golove that stay humble and friendly, no matter in what app, no matter where you are. Good luck and have a great days ahead in real life. Fix your relationship with your father yaa. Tuhan berkati Lóve.

Sweet and warm regards, The Girl that gave you the blue cup and a small green turtle keychain.  (Al)

 From: Teman Anonymousmu.

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