Cerbung: My Mysterious Lady #2: Nigher (Versi Bahasa Inggris)

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By: Piscius

Disclaimer: Cerita hanya disunting sedikit, untuk mengoreksi gramatika dan tata bahasa. 
Four walls and a door of concrete. A warmness of hugs. Waves of laughter that fills the silence in a place that we called home. What if you no longer felt it that way? Are you daring enough to say that you still have the thing you called home?

She’s surely uncertain if she really meant it when she said, “I’m home”

Broken. Torn. Burnt. Bent. Whatever you called it. That’s the way she would describe those things. And yet she never pulled anyone on the pit she’s in just because she didn’t think anyone deserves to be pulled in.

Moments go by days by days without a single scratch on her in my life. True if what I meant was the thing that your eyes could see. False if what I meant was also the dark clouds in my head that we used to call it as a “thoughts”

I went back and forth on the SayaApp looking for her. Wishing that I would stumble across a glimpse of a familiar face that I miss. Or even better, being noticed that she’s looking for me.

As you should remember. One thing leads to another.

The moment she said goodbye on the second time inevitably leads to the other moment. The sun just started to fly high in the sky. Wiped away the darkness of the dawn. A don’t even really know what time is it. I just picked up my phone. Expecting nothing but series of silenced alarmed and shitty notifications

Dear, Lord. I was wrong.

How does it feel to have a new friend? Maybe you won’t describe it as an amazing moment. Me neither. But not that morning included. A new friend was added to my contacts list on LINE

A familiar face. A familiar name. A thing that makes you feel like you’re in your very own home. My Mysterious Lady, just entered a new chapter in my book. She wrote the chapter in a big bold writing, surprising me in a very amusing way

A new way to converse. A new day to begin. A new story to write. A new breath on my lungs.

What do “My Babe” and “My Baby” mean to you? I suppose they don’t really mean a lot to you. But not to her

She told me, a long-long time ago. If she called me “Babe” don’t even think it means that much. But once she started to call me “Baby” it means she already loved me. This is just one of a way she perceived things in a different way. Just like what I did about another thing. I’ll let you know later about it.

PART II, Nigher,
to be continued.

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