Cerbung: My Mysterious Lady #1.2 (Versi Bahasa Inggris)

(Part #1: klik di sini)
By: Piscius

Disclaimer: Cerita hanya disunting seperlunya, untuk membetulkan gramatika dan tata bahasa.

She doesn’t need to explain much. And I don’t need to ask for more explanation. Just like how you could recognize the taste of your favourite dishes on your tongue. My brain just flashed back and forth in every moment I had with her on those past days

We fell into a friendly conversation just like we used to do in a matter of minutes. And she finally asked for a phone call just to hear my voice. Sure I’ll do it with no second thoughts

The few first seconds I heard nothing but static sounds of the air as she didn’t let the voice of her come out from her mouth. And just when it finally came through her very own mouth.

I was petrified.

The softness of a silk. An innocent tone of a child. A clear sound of an honest happiness. All of it blends in a very short word of, “Hi” from her.

The word just repeated for a countless time for me. I suddenly shut my mouth tight. I can’t say anything but just wanting more. And the repetition of the voice becoming even better. A harmony between the voice of her in my head and her true voice of confusion because I suddenly became a stoned living body with no soul

The first thing we talk about as a true person to each other is about our name. How she admired my name which live up to my life just like the username I chose. And about hers….

How her name abbreviated to TEAR. Which sadly also live up to her life. That moment I have my sworn oath. I would change it and won’t let it be kept that way. That moment, that moment, was a beginning of an already begun story.

Though still until that point of my life. I never even for a second saw her face. She’s still a mystery to me.

We talked and talked like it is a necessity for us in order to live. And let me rephrase, it is a necessity for me.

She might hid her face. But she can’t hid herself through the eyes of mine which see through her.

A morning of another day in my life. A series of messages sent by her came into my phone with a single photograph in between. A moment that means the universe to me. She finally unveiled the darkness she always wore since the very seconds she met me

A smileless expression. A sharp eye that looked straight to mine. Yet I didn’t stutter to say this, “You’re one fucking beautiful angel.”

Maybe I’m not as strong as Superman. Maybe I’m not as wealthy as Bruce Wayne. But they don’t have something that I have. They don’t have her in their life. The thing that turns each day of mine as an exciting ride in an amusement park of life

And one moment just leads to another. Inevitably a happy moment could also lead to the opposite one

She had the troubles that rain on her that really bring her down deep in life. A trouble she can’t hide from because the trouble comes from where she lived. A trouble in your very own. I’m pretty sure all of you could imagine how sucks it is, don’t you?

PART I, done.
to be continued.

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