Cerbung: My Mysterious Lady #1 (Versi Bahasa Inggris)

By: Piscius

Disclaimer: Seperti yang sudah Oom sampaikan di Pengumuman #1 kemarin, kamu bisa baca pengumumannya dengan klik link ini, ya, mulai malam ini, cerbung ‘My Mysterious Lady’ akan mulai tayang. Cerbung ini terdiri dari 2 versi: versi bahasa Inggris dan versi bahasa Indonesia. Malam ini yang tayang lebih dulu adalah versi bahasa Inggris. Besok, mudah-mudahan versi bahasa Indonesia dari versi bahasa Inggris malam ini. Jadi, kamu bisa sekalian belajar menterjemahkan. Selamat menikmati!

The dusk just wiped of its light. I was sitting on the coffee table with my brother, the two cups of coffee become our life giving a source that moment. And the thought popped out in my mind.

I was just trying to attract the critical minds of the women who used SayaApp. I sexualized them in a way that also desexualized them. An ambiguous intention.

“Just give me the food and the boobs. Always be my partner in every conversation we’ll have.”

As short as it goes on. As short also the time she appeared and start to scratch her part in the book of my life. She just replied in a very short and simple way.

“Yes, Sir.”

I was intrigued by how submissive her answer was while her description on the bio was really thoroughly saying that the money or shining metals I have won’t attract her if I don’t have the brain inside my skull.

And I made the move. I begin the conversation. In a very disrespectful manner, I admit. “Well, what do we have here? A submissive, am I right?” Through the private room just between us.

A word leads to another. We sink in the moments of thoughts exchange that flies through the vibration in the air that translates to each other as an interesting moment in life.

As the hour goes. We don’t mind about the time. Time becomes unimportant thing between us that night. And it stays that way every time.

She came and go just like the day. She comes so bright and went as a darkness. An undeniable truth. She just comes and goes in an unexpected manner. Go in the sweetest days. And come in the most bitter days.

The first moment she said goodbye wasn’t the most painful one. She just left me with no explanation. Funny ha-ha-ha. I said it like she once told me why she had to go, while in fact she never said so.

She was just gone. And days seems a bit empty for me. When I thought I have the one that I’m looking for. She blew it off like a breath in a mirror.

I spent the days between the moment she returned with an effort to find her. And I trade it for nothing. I can’t find her.

And as I told you before. She came in a very unexpected ways. She found me. And it seems like the days where she was gone felt like nothing like a drip of a water on your head.

And we just back to the feelings we used to have. Talks about the universe and everything inside.

And just a like an old good record we have. It must end at some point in the fabric of time and reality. She went and said just a little bit this time that she needs some time alone because the burden on her shoulder is really painful and she had to hid herself from the world.

This time. I left her something to hold.

“If you are trying to find me. Find me by (my username in every social media) or just mention my name here, you’ll find me.”

And there I go. Another empty day of mine.

Wandering throughout the days waiting for the moment she came to me. Just when I’m losing hope a glimpse of a light at the end of tunnel hits me.

A slight picture of blue small icon popped out on the upper left screen of my phone. A Skype message was delivered to my phone. From a girl with a name that wasn’t familiar to me.

She just said Hi and nothing else.

As far as the wise man says “Curiosity kills the cat”. I don’t give a single fuck about it. Because I don’t have anything to lose in this short span of moment for us to take the air inside our lungs.

I replied with a single sentence full of confusion. “Who is this?”

Just before I lift my body away from the bed. My phone rang and vibrated telling me something I never knew going to be one of my memorable moments in life.

Another message through Skype delivered to my phone. As I don’t expect anyone but her to sent me any messages I sit back on my bad again and run my fingers through the screen on my phone.

She just asks me such a simple question “remember me (my username)?”

To be continued..


Untuk user SayaApp atau Hoomn yang juga ingin berbagi tulisan (boleh berupa surat, opini, cerpen, kegelisahan, puisi, informasi event, tugas survey dsb), kalian bisa baca ketentuannya di bawah ini, ya! Tabik!

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