Surat #666 Letter 34

To: Anonymous

Hey dear, I think I want to replay back the time when I first knew you, when we first met, and at times we shared together.

I initially just thought you only as a friend, who unwittingly you begin to fill my days. saying ‘good morning’  around noon time because you always wake up late, you joke that always managed to make me smile, or sometimes your words can make the mood was broken, sometimes you’re being an adult and sometimes like a spoiled child, when you apologize when I badmood, your behavior always makes me laugh. the way you laugh, the way you smile. I actually really like the combination of all that is going on inside you.

I like it when you held me tight, hold my hand and kissed my forehead at the same time, really comfortable.  You’re leaning on my shoulder sometimes amused me, embraced me tightly, kissed my cheek, kissed my forehead, hugged me and is always terminated by the smile on your face. I like when I see you plead and sulk because you missed me and wanted to hug me when I was sitting far away with you. Did you know how when it’s your expression? It really tickled my stomach and makes me want to hug you tight and pinch your cheeks repeatedly!

Tom and Jerry, Sylvester and Tweety, Cat and Dog or whatever name they call it. We’ll always on arguments&fight everyday. The nature of me and you’re very contradictory, I was a child-like, selfish, easy-cranky, which often makes you upset when I ignore you all day. Ye who sometimes makes me upset because your behavior, which can’t resolve a problem with a head cold, which sometimes don’t want to hear my explanation, which sometimes won’t budge. Me and you both have a high selfishness and its always a major problem we fight, but either way we fight, whoever’s wrong, in the end you always give in and apologize to me.

If now I remember it all, how much I wanted to be with you, how I wish I saw you to be near you, how much I want to see your smile, your jokes, your laughter, I want to see it again today, tomorrow, forever. I’m addicted to you, addicted to your love, your warmth addict, addicted to the way you hugged me and kissed me.

Now I understand, you’re smile is very precious. For the first time in my life I could love someone like this.

The last time I met you, I just hopefully to stop time, I hope everything stays that way J , but time is continue running, it wasn’t fairL . I really can’t stop crying, when you hug me I know just a few hours or minutes I could feel everything, I cried on you’re shoulder, the more tightly you hug me the more I cry. even though me and you far because of distance :’)

From: Anonymous


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