Surat #565 Kindness (2)

Teruntuk: Kindness

It is 24th May 2017, 11:50Pm.

Hi, luv! I am thinking about you, ah, nah! I think about you. It is simple present tense not present continous tense because you are my daily activity or just simply called it “You are my daily doze ”

Hi, Kindness, my luv.

I know i don’t think it’s easy to love you, -and you don’t either. A lifetime of rejection has convince me, that I’m unworthy of happiness,— undeserving of love.

“Luv, Semarang 33 derajat. Panasss”

Hahahah, what do you want me to do, luv? Nurunin suhu di semarang? But you tell me that anyway. You’re lovely, thanks.

Let me tell you this, Kindness.

I think, you are the best person to fall in love with. Why? Because, I said so. But, I AM THE ONE WHO IS FALLING IN LOVE RIGHT NOW — Aah, Calm… I have to calm myself.

Kindness, you’re only a beautiful face, beautiful lips and beautiful possibilities. I will never stop adoring you. It all started here and so should you, or start wherever you want, we always end up in the same spot anyway.

Kindness, you know that I don’t like some kind like “Fanaticism”, belief or behavior involving uncritical zeal or with an obsessive enthusiasm. But… You are “exclude”. Now, I’m being a “Fan”, of you. The pursuit or defence of something in an extreme and passionate way that goes beyond normality. GOES-BEYOND-NORMALITY. Hahaha, Kindness! Apa yang lebih baik dari mencintai kamu secara berlebihan?

As the saying goes, “I can’t say how everytime I ever put my arms around you, I felt I was home” — I can’t say how everytime I ever heartd the way you laugh, the way you give me those attentions & affections, I felt I was home. Kindness, my body is simply crazy with wanting you.

“Seandainya dekat, saya semprot nona pake selang cuci steam motor”

“Aku ngga suka, Luv, hehe. Maaf, tapi menurutku itu kasar”

*being panic* *panic attack*

“Apa yang bikin kamu ga suka?”
—- Hahaha, Sialan kamu! :))

Kindness, do you understand that some days I need you to hug me a little bit tighter? That the thoughts in my head get a little too loud sometime and maybe if you squeeze me hard enough I wom’t be able to hear them anyway. Like you can erase every doubt with the laugh, ease every anxiety with attention. How often I have thought about the Immeaturable joy that will be ours someday …. Ah, it makes me wanna cry. Lol.

Let’s make it clear, Luv… I missed you tonight, I missed you more than on any other day. It is bigger, bigger and bigger. What do you think would have happened between us if you weren’t  as beautiful as you are? No more, no less.

Kindness, loving you gives me the certainly that my blood flows — happily — in my artery & veins. And I’m much happier since our first chat and my heart is filled with happiness, as it feels reassurd that all the affection you’ve devoted to me, in your kind heart.


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