Surat #508 Myself Some Years Later

Teruntuk: Myself Some Years Later

 If you read this, then you definitely just got the note that I had written in your diary.

Yay! Next, please read these questions below carefully and answer it all honestly, ya?

Have you got a job? Is that really the job you wanna do for living? Do you love your job? Does doing that job make you happy?

Have you found that Mr. Right of yours? Have you had some children? You dont teach your child the same mistakes as your parents did, do you?

Have you had your own puppy? Do you take care of him/her with your new fam? Or Has mama given her permission?

Have you been a volunteer for the UN team? Have you taught those Niger Girls how to read and how to write? Have you helped them to get their education? Have you finally watched Britains Got Talent Audition live?

Have you been happy?

I wish its a yes, I really do. Even if there is a no…

Please promise me that you will be happy. You are allowed to ignore those annoying critics. Who cares with those parents discouraging comments. You are allowed to cry. Dont hold those emotions alone too long anymore, ya, dear? Its ok to go on karaoke or theater alone, kok… If you have to.

 Be. Happy :)))

Setiabudi, 24 Mei 2017 21.00

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