Surat #242 My Dearest Xenon

For: My Dearest Xenon

Everyday I sit and think about you, everyday I hope for a miracle, everyday I wonder when will we find a way.

I remember that day when you left. There was nothing I could say, only tears run down our eyes. I couldn’t stand few more years without you touching my face.

I stop and watch the days go, trying so hard not to let myself to cry. Your eyes, your smile, your heart, keep running across my mind.

I know one day we’ll find our way, somehow for sure. But till then, I’ll sit here and wait.

One day I’ll be on those arms, one day we’ll live our dreams, one day I’ll lay with you for eternity and beyond, one day we’ll be ended up in a lovely church as you said on your song. But till then I’ll patiently wait, no matter when it will be, then its worth it.




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