Surat #102 Mr.Petrichor (7)

Teruntuk: Pervy Bastard, MrPetrichor pt. II

These are 50 things I’ll confess. Be ready to not feeling unwell;1/  2015, we met

2/ You’re such a bad boy, but looking good

3/ My curiosity won’t stop surfing around to get any further about you. (Hey, I saw you there, Musician!)

4/ Attracted #1

5/ We talked much

6/ Run out of topic

7/ I saw your name on my friend list, can I hit you up?

8/ Lost contact

9/ Lost contact

10/ Lost contact

11/ 2017, January, we met in real life

12/I still remember you, but you don’t

13/Attracted #2

14/Aah, this guy ?

15/Sadly, lost contact

16/March, we met again. What a coincidence

17/Commited on something intensive

18/Attracted #3

19/Can I own you?



22/It’s obvious, you’re meant for me

23/Your favorite food is my favorite too

24/You have so many things similar with me

25/You sang me a lot of songs. I kept them well in my private folder

26/You’re getting attractive. I adore you. A lot.

27/It’s you, the popular MrPetrichor. (I know you hate being called like this, right? :p)

28/Many girls like you

29/Who am I now?

30/Less conversation

31/Got you’re close to someone else

32/Everything’s fine since I got myself attracted by you even more, Pervy-bastard.

33/Jealousy is a terrible disease

34/I need you, and I’m glad you came

35/Was actually such a great night with you, MrPetrichor

36/I sent you a letter secretly, but there were 2 upcoming letters too

37/You’re curious! Tee-hee.

38/You found her. Another letter sender. Another admirer.

39/You’re attracted to her

40/I’m fine

41/I’m fine

42/Tell me more

43/Told you I’m broken hearted, but you thought it was because another guy

44/Poor you, cry little heart. You’re unwanted

45/Just tell me more

46/Remember when I told you about many guys that I’ve dated with?

47/The heart is yours actually

48/Now you’re with your girl

49/I’m leaving

50/Don’t change, sit tight. This is just a trash-talk and confession.

P.S, remember to wash your hand before eat.

Tertanda: Is it still impossible to cross your mind?


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