Surat #101 ?

To: ?

Bae, I know you want it. Even I’m hesitated.
“You must be crazy, I got yours, you got mine…”
I know we here together with no denial; So this must be something special.

You could be anywhere you wanted; But you decided to be here with me stayed.
No coincidence; It was meant to be our romance.

“And who can love you like me?” “Nobody.”
“Who can keep you like me?”
“Who can lay your body down like me?”
“And who can treat you like me?”
“Just you.”

Now tell me, do you wanna get freaky?
B’cause I’ll freak you right I will; Like no one has ever, ever made you feel.

And when we are so breathing-closes; You can feel our heart beating through the clothes.

I woke up this morning, then get random-thought-disease:
“Why there’s so much darkness in the world got increase?”
But you’re beauty in your imperfection;
So, I’ll be alright, and still living ‘us’ on.

Oh God, gotta sleep and wake you up in 4 hours from now, as always, my ?.

From: Mr. Hwhw

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